About Honsin Ceramics

Honsin Ceramics has been established for over than 15 years as a reliable worldwide partner in advanced ceramics manufacturing and development. The company is a Chinese group with main manufacturing structure and operative office based in Dalian. The group has a technical design and distribution office located in Montévrain France. High performance technical ceramic is our passion.

Our fine ceramics exhibit outstanding efficiency in extreme operating conditions due to the controlled and stable characteristics in mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

Strong technical level and state-of-the-art equipment in precision machinery allow us to process high precision tolerance machining according to customer designs. We put a lot of passion for our ceramics and we take responsibility for our long term product work life.

These products are widely used in demanding work conditions such as, high temperature furnace, molten metal handling, precision machinery, semiconductors, lab wares etc…

Clients References

Quality Assurance

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High Precision Machining

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