PVD,CVD, Plasma Systems

Boron Nitride for PVD/CVD, Plasma Systems

Honsin hexagonal boron nitride series products can resist temperature above 1800 °C in vacuum or inert atmosphere. It’s an important part of high temperature vacuum furnace and atmosphere furnace. Honsin Boron nitride (hBN) can be used as insulting rings, shields, frames, protection insulators.


  • High temperature insulation

BN can provide long term use experience at above 1800°C at vacuum or inert atmosphere

  • High Electrical breakdown strength

High electrical breakdown strength (3-4 times than alumina), carbon weather corrosion is much stronger than alumina

  • Exceptional thermal shock resistance

BN has exceptional high thermal shock resistance — making it ideal for applications with high dynamic stresses, thermal rigor, and demanding reliability requirements

  • Composite Boron nitride

Honsin Ceramics is able to offer various types of Boron nitride (composite) in order to select the best overall thermal, electrical and mechanical performance. Therefore to improve constantly user experience in a very demanding environment