Ceramic Evaporation Boat

Conductive Ceramic Evaporation Boat is an excellent solution used in vacuum evaporation coated packaging material, vacuum metalized film capacitors, aluminum sheets, hot coating, anti-counterfeit labels aluminum industry.


  • High purity quality raw materials to ensure the good chemical properties
  • Advanced vacuum sintering method to ensure excellent physical properties
  • Two-way compression methods to ensure the consistency of the bulk density
  • Optimum compositions of the structure :
    • enhance the evaporation boat thermal shock resistance and flexural strength
    • improve spreadability of molten aluminum and evaporation efficiency
    • enhance the anti-corrosion of aluminum liquid and improve the working life.


Conductive Ceramic Evaporation Boat is widely used in

  • vacuum evaporation packaging materials
  • metallized vacuum coating for capacitors, screen coating, gilded gold coating and anti-counterfeiting mark coating
  • reflective metalling
  • aluminum platting for paper and textiles etc…