Boron Nitride Ceramics

Honsin hexagonal boron nitride ceramic products have excellent properties in chemical, electrical, mechanical and thermal. It’s used widely for fields which request high performance ceramics. Honsin Ceramics could provide various of compositions and solutions for the customers from industrial fields.


  • Steel plants and Foundry
  • High Temperature furnace manufacturing
  • Amorphous strip manufacturing
  • Microelectronic industry
  • Solar energy and photovoltaic industry
  • Semiconductor industry


Honsin Ceramics Machining Center has CNC lathes, we have good experience in processing boron nitride ceramics according to customer’s request.


Boron Nitride Parts

Boron Nitride Parts

Boron Nitride parts are made by pressing hexagonal Boron Nitride powders. Our BN parts Offer excellences characteristics in extremes conditions:High heat and thermal shock-resistance. High corrosion-resistance of acid Extreme corrosion and...